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At NiceDay we are committed to pushing mental health to the next level. We achieve this by promoting a brand new way of working that combines technological innovations with evidence-based practices in psychotherapy, that better fit our dynamic and hybrid society. A dedicated research team has paved the way to make this happen, by designing and carrying out several scientific studies. These studies provide us with insights on how to make more effective treatment protocols, develop new product features, measure the quality of our service, and identify opportunities for improvement. And as of now, you can read all about our research on the NiceDay Nederland website!

All our research updates bundled

As a committed organisation, we aim to spread the word about our findings and, with that, contribute to more sustainable mental care. That is why you can now find valuable information on the research projects we have participated in, including their objectives, methods and outcomes in the ‘Research’ section of the NiceDay Nederland website. This new section also contains the latest news on our most recent developments and achievements. Check them out here!

Our current research agenda 

The research team is currently working on a range of activities, mainly aiming at validating the NiceDay service and investigating new technologies to help make our service better. Some of these include: 

  • Research collaboration on (cost-)effectiveness of innovative, personalised, online treatment for anxiety and mood disorders together with LUMC through a ZonMw grant.
  • Design and implementation of treatment decision support tools with explainable AI, that aims to make every therapist as good as the best. This is a partnership with two AI tech companies, Councyl and Deeploy, funded by RVO through the MIT R&D-AI subsidy.
  • Research into the evidence-based factors that make the NiceDay service more effective and efficient against other digital and blended approaches to psychotherapy.
  • Providing the NiceDay platform and communication interfaces to develop an automatic coaching service on smoking prevention and exercise encouragement as part of the PerfectFit project.

What’s next? 

At NiceDay we look at the future, explore new research opportunities and decide what our next steps towards revolutionising mental care are. Ideas such as involving clients’ social circle in treatment, improving relapse prevention, and designing smart decision support tools for therapists and clients are currently being reviewed as topics to pick up next. 

Would you like to be part of this movement and join us in our efforts to achieve these objectives? We are open to exploring and researching new ideas together with organisations that share a similar vision. Healthcare organisations, academic institutions and tech companies are welcome to reach out and collaborate. Reach out by sending an email to [email protected].

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