Say hello to the NiceDay Team

Together we work with great enthusiasm and motivation towards the same goal: improving the mental well-being of as many people as possible.

For the past couple years, we have worked with great dedication to develop and grow NiceDay. We are changing the way we provide mental healthcare.

Technology makes it possible to provide more personal and effective support in the recovery of people with mental health complaints. Therapists have real-time insight into the progress of their clients, through the registrations they make in the NiceDay app. In addition, therapists also have space in between sessions to be ready for their clients. In this way, clients receive support when it matters.

 Say hello to the NiceDay Team
 Say hello to the NiceDay Team

Meet the team

The team in Rotterdam

A hardworking and fun team in the heart of Rotterdam.

The team in Bandung

In addition to a team in Rotterdam, we also have a team based in beautiful Bandung, Indonesia.