Good mental healthcare comes first

Would you like your team to be more efficient, flexible and people-oriented?

NiceDay offers a complete care concept for personal (online) treatment. We will train your team to work according to the four pillars of the NiceDay Way: with the patient in control, less admin and a flexible calendar layout, the treatment becomes more efficient for both the practitioner and the patient.

NiceDay in the mental healthcare

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Experienced professionals briefly  explain the NiceDay Way and the advantages of this care concept. Watch the video to find out more.

The advantages of NiceDay

A stable, safe and secure connection (AVG/ GDPR compliant) with NiceDay

Ease of treatment and registration with the NiceDay application

Full support by the NiceDay team for both the professional and client

Access to relevant education for both the professional and client

Why choose to work with NiceDay?

For the therapists


Recovery-oriented and flexible work:

Agenda layout for optimal (care) experience of the client and practitioner


Real-time insight into the client's progress:

Via the NiceDay dashboard, direct insight into which client might benefit from an intervention or a postponement of the intervention.


Supporting community:

Sharing of knowledge through education, training and webinars.  We also plan get togethers and feedback sessions so that we can continue working together towards offering the best care. 

For the clients

Patients will experience quick and easy contact with their practitioner, support when it matters and direct insight into their own progress.

For more information, take a look at our client page.

How does the NiceDay Portal support professionals?

This is what others have to say about NiceDay



Psychologist at PsyQ Online

I like that through registrations, I have insight into how my client is doing and that I can respond to this. We focus on reducing complaints and to continue to use the tools independently, even after the treatment has ended. We also continue to investigate how NiceDay can individually support the client and the practitioner as well as possible.


Psychologist at PsyQ Online

I really like working according to the NiceDay Way, because there are so many options available. Thanks to the registrations in the app, I have an overview of how a client is doing between sessions. For example, if a planned exercise has not been successfully completed, I can quickly respond to it by sending a chat message or responding to a registration.


Psychologist at NiceDay

What I find so special about working with NiceDay is that I am empowered as a practitioner. Something as simple as the low-threshold contact via chat, for example, makes answering a question or giving a compliment so easy. But, clients are also more supported in their process. For example, quick and easy registration in the app increases their insight and mentalizing capacity.

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