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Insight into the client’s life with contact in between sessions

In traditional mental health care, it is common for a professional to see the client once every week or two weeks. They have relatively little contact with each other in between these sessions. As a result, professionals are often not aware of how their clients are doing between sessions, whether they are actively engaged in the treatment and whether they are encountering any problems. By having more frequent contact with clients, for example via chat, professionals do gain these insights. They can, for example, guide clients when they see that assignments have not yet been made and support them when…

Life after lockdown: how do we organise mental health care for our more than ever hybrid society?

Since the first self-help programs for mental complaints were introduced in the 90s, health care in the Netherlands has undergone enormous development. Nevertheless, there are still concerns about the application of technology in mental health care. For example, that in-depth contact in online treatment is not easy to establish and that complex, crisis-sensitive problems do […]

Efficient working in the new Care Performance Model with automatic time tracking by Niceday

With the arrival of the new Care Performance Model, all direct time with clients must be registered and declared. As a professional, how do you efficiently keep track of these actions? To make this easier and more efficient, NiceDay professionals can use automatic time tracking for (video) calling sessions. What is automatic time tracking? From […]

NiceDay Knowledge session: innovation in the GGZ

The first NiceDay Knowledge Session took place on stormy Thursday 17 February 2022. During the session, we focused on attention; attention to and interest in the individual who presents themself to treatment or support because of an imbalance in their life. Sarah Goslinga and Anja Greeven discussed this with three colleagues from the field: Sohal […]

New: drafts in the NiceDay app

Babette is just about to complete a diary registration when she receives an important phone call. After taking the call, she re-opens the NiceDay app and notices her registration is gone. Babette has to start the registration all over again… Luckily, we can now offer a solution for these rare moments: drafts the NiceDay app. […]

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