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New helpdesk for clients

“Support is not always easy to find in the NiceDay app”: that was one of the feedback points we received from app users after they had completed our questionnaire. This had to change, because if clients are looking for (technical) support for the app, they should be able to find it as quickly as possible! That is why a new…

New custom trackers for addiction and trauma!

We are always working on further developing and improving the NiceDay app and portal. This week there is a new update around the NiceDay functionalities: new custom trackers. With custom trackers it is possible for clients to keep track of in which situations, during which events or how often they suffer from feelings of anxiety […]

New: Graphs in the NiceDay app

As of now, clients can also see their progress thanks to new graphs in the app! In the portal for therapists it was already possible to view the registrations of clients in a graph, but now this is also possible for clients! Clients are encouraged to use trackers via the NiceDay app and during treatment. […]

New animation for lifestyle and activation psycho-education now live!

NiceDay’s psycho-education offers support with relevant information for both the therapist and the client. This psycho-education offers an explanation for different disorders, but also exercises so that the client can actively start working on his or her complaints. For several of these psycho-education articles animations are available, and there is also an animation for the […]

(video) Calling via the web environment for NiceDay clients

As of today, clients will have the opportunity to have (video) calls via the web environment of NiceDay. Clients already were able to, besides filling out diary registrations or registering feelings, (video) call with their therapists via the NiceDay app. As of today, it is possible for clients to have their sessions via their laptop […]

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