NiceDay: together for better mental healthcare

Making an impact by efficiently strengthening the mental wellbeing of as many people as possible: this is what we strive for. NiceDay makes a difference in the lives of clients, professionals and employers.

NiceDay: together for better mental healthcare

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NiceDay: together for better mental healthcare

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Former client

In the app, you can keep a daily record of how you feel, write down your thoughts in a diary and gain insights in your problems through interesting articles. This gave me a lot more peace. Of course, sometimes there are bad days. But thanks to the treatment, I have the right tools to recognize a relapse and work on it.


Psychologist at PsyQ Online

I like that through registrations, I have insight into how my client is doing and that I can respond to this. We focus on reducing complaints and to continue to use the tools independently, even after the treatment has ended. We also continue to investigate how NiceDay can individually support the client and the practitioner as well as possible.


Former client

The step to search for help felt a bit too big, but through NiceDay I could take the first step from the comfort of my own home. Thanks to the chat functionality, I could get in touch with my professional outside of our sessions. Through the notes my professional made after each session, I could fall back on the tips & tricks we had discussed in our conversations.

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Want to know more?

We’d like to get in touch! Reach out to Lisa den Boer for more information on NiceDay.

Want to know more?

We’d like to get in touch! Reach out to Ina Jones for more information on NiceDay.

The latest news

Quickly send a picture of the walk you’ve just taken to your professional, or easily share an important document with your client; from now on it’s possible to share photos and files via chat! Chat is an essential feature within NiceDay: it facilitates low-threshold contact between client and professional. But often e-mail was still used […]

In traditional mental health care, it is common for a professional to see the client once every week or two weeks. They have relatively little contact with each other in between these sessions. As a result, professionals are often not aware of how their clients are doing between sessions, whether they are actively engaged in […]

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With our enthusiastic team of psychologists, developers, communication professionals, project managers and support staff, we work together on innovation in mental health care.

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