MiSi NeuroPsy verlengt contract met NiceDay voor 3 jaar

Extended contract MiSi NeuroPsy and NiceDay

Wonderful news! From October 1, 2021, MiSi NeuroPsy has entered into a 3-year extension with NiceDay!

Both MiSi NeuroPsy and NiceDay strive for treatment with the client at its centre. A personal and flexible treatment adapted to the wishes and needs of the client, in which both the client and the practitioner have unique insight into the progress. A great match, which we will continue for at least another 3 years!

About MiSi NeuroPsy

MiSi is a mental healthcare institution from Rotterdam with a unique setting; it is an institution that accepts care within both BGGZ and SGGZ. In addition, their focus is mainly on the multicultural aspect of society. They have both practitioners and clients from different international or cultural backgrounds. They find this diversity within the practice very important; after all, Rotterdam is also a very diverse city! This does not only concern origin, but also differences in socioeconomic status, literacy, physical and/or cognitive functioning or ideology/religion. This is MiSi’s mission: “Because everyone deserves the best care and attention!”.

MiSi NeuroPsy and NiceDay

Want to know more about how MiSi NeuroPsy successfully uses NiceDay in their teams and how they experience working with NiceDay? We interviewed Lea Jabbarian, psychologist at MiSi NeuroPsy and GZ psychologist i.o. at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, about her experience with the implementation of NiceDay, the NiceDay the MiSi Way, how she guided her team through this change and what she thinks of online or blended treatment. Read the entire interview here.

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In dit whitepaper vind je meer informatie over de NiceDay formule en onze unieke manier van werken. Lees snel wat NiceDay voor jou kan betekenen.

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