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EMDR live in NiceDay

From Monday 7 September 2020 it is possible to follow an EMDR treatment with taps via the NiceDay app.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of therapy for people who continue to suffer from the consequences of traumatic experiences. The EMDR functionality with taps can be used during the video calling session between therapist and client. The 100% online treatments via NiceDay are the only online treatments that offer EMDR via a(n) (app on the) mobile phone. What makes the EMDR functionality even more unique is that visual tasks can be offered as well. In combination with the various other options from the NiceDay app, a total package for trauma and PTSD is offered to the client.

Possibilities online EMDR functionality

This EMDR functionality has several options, such as: visually and via different auditory cues – sounds (taps). There will also be trackers in the app that give the client the opportunity to monitor complaints at any time. In addition, the well-known functions of the app are also available, such as keeping a diary, filling in thought records and setting reminders in the app for healthy behavior (lifestyle). The combination of all these possibilities is unique in online mental health care.

Experiences EMDR online

Annemiek van Dijke and Ilja Seifert, experts at PsyQ Online, share their experience with EMDR treatment in an online environment. Annemiek: “I see so much added value in online treatment, because the client is in his own environment during the therapy”. Ilja: “At a case level we see that what we have come up with works. This was also evident from my N = 1 study: the EMDR treatment was effective. We largely adhere to the standard protocol. The form in which it is offered is therefore different, completely designed within our online possibilities. ”. More about the experience of Annemiek and Ilja? Read the article: EMDR online, the NiceDay Way.

Interested in our 100% online treatment? Read more about registering for an online treatment via NiceDay.

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