Your road to a speedy recovery

No waiting lists, no travel time, personal support where and when you need it.

Do you feel stuck? Don’t feel comfortable in your own skin? Or are you fed up with waiting for help and want to get started right away? With NiceDay help is always nearby. This is how we can help you.

Your road to a speedy recovery
Your road to a speedy recovery

We like to help

Your professional is always nearby via the secure NiceDay app. Curious to see what treatment looks like? Watch our video!

This is how we can be there for you

Where and when it suits you

Sessions with your professional take place via (video) calling and chat. So you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

Contact in between planned sessions

You will receive help when you need it. That means also in between your planned sessions.

Reliable and safe app

All data shared in the NiceDay app is only visible for you and your professional.

Insight and feedback on your progress

Share your mood, feelings or achievements real time with your professional, whenever you want.

How does the NiceDay app support your process?

Click on the various functionalities and on the play button to see how the app supports you in your change.

Effective change by the support of app functionalities.

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A team of specialists at your service

Faiza | PsyQ Online

Faiza | PsyQ Online

Hi! I am Faiza, psychologist at PsyQ Online. With NiceDay I offer online treatment in an easy and effective way. I would like to see with you how we can find the balance in your life so that you can experience control in your life again.

Enrico | MET ggz

Enrico | MET ggz

I am Enrico. I find a good cooperation and connection with my clients the most important. Breaking through old 'pathogenic' patterns, learning to think positively and getting more in touch with your emotions are the pillars of the treatment for me. In addition to my position as a psychologist, I am a proud father, fitness enthusiast and classic car en maakt graag digitaal muziek. Als coach breng ik focus met een praktische benadering.

Sandra | PsyQ Online

Sandra | PsyQ Online

Hoi, ik ben Sandra. Ik vind het heel belangrijk om samen je behandeling vorm te geven, zodat je zelf de regie hebt over je behandeling. Zo zal je de geleerde technieken ook na de behandeling makkelijker blijven toepassen. Naast mijn werk als psycholoog, ben ik actief in de hondensport met mijn 2 Border Collies.


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no waiting list, you can get started right away

This is what others say about NiceDay

You are in good company

anonieme client1


In the app, you can keep a daily record of how you feel, write down your thoughts in a diary and gain insights in your problems through interesting articles. This gave me a lot more peace. Of course, sometimes there are bad days. But thanks to the treatment, I have the right tools to recognize a relapse and work on it.

anonieme client3


The step to search for help felt a bit too big, but through NiceDay I could take the first step from the comfort of my own home. Thanks to the chat, I could get in touch with my professional outside of our sessions. Through the notes my professional made, I could fall back on the tips & tricks we had discussed in our conversations.

anonieme client2


The app made me feel like there was always someone looking out for me. There was someone who supported and stimulated me in my self-development; I thought that was a very nice idea. I also really like that you always have the app with you. You always have help at hand.

Looking for practical tips and inspiration in the field of mental health?

Take a look at the NiceDay Community: accessible tips, information and education about mental health, freely available to everyone!

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