Sense Health becomes NiceDay Nederland

Sense Health becomes Niceday Nederland; the full-service party for innovation with impact in mental healthcare.

NiceDay was created in close collaboration with PsyQ, Parnassia Groep. More than 1500 practitioners throughout the Netherlands now offer online treatments with NiceDay. It is time for the next step; From now on, the Sense Health team is fully focused on the further development, improvement and growth of NiceDay.

NiceDay Nederland

They do this from their new organization NiceDay Nederland. By continuing as NiceDay Nederland, they create the full scope and focus to continue to provide their customers and partners with the best service.

Focus on needs an wishes from different target groups

This change is accompanied by a new logo, a brand new website and new corporate identity colors. A central place where the different parts of NiceDay meet: Via specific pages for clients, practitioners and employers, they explain what they can mean for each target group.

This transition does not affect NiceDay’s cooperation and development plans: the team continues to work on optimizing and improving NiceDay and providing a personalized service. “We already felt like NiceDay, but now we are NiceDay.”, Says CEO Jan Peter Larsen.

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In dit whitepaper vind je meer informatie over de NiceDay formule en onze unieke manier van werken. Lees snel wat NiceDay voor jou kan betekenen.

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In dit whitepaper vind je meer informatie over de unieke NiceDay manier van werken, en wat dit kan betekenen voor jouw team. Download het whitepaper en lees snel meer! Vul je gegevens in en download het whitepaper direct.

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