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We do everything we can to support you towards a healthy mental well-being. When you use NiceDay, certain data will be stored. Of course, we are aware that it’s important that we secure your privacy and the data that you share with us. That is why we’d like to inform you of what we do with your data. To make…

Sense Health becomes Niceday Nederland; the full-service party for innovation with impact in mental healthcare. NiceDay was created in close collaboration with PsyQ, Parnassia Groep. More than 1500 practitioners throughout the Netherlands now offer online treatments with NiceDay. It is time for the next step; From now on, the Sense Health team is fully focused […]

Growth in 100% online teams: start Misi NeuroPsy and PsyQ Online South

Start MiSi Neuropsy  From November 2020, the entire Misi NeuroPsy team will start as a 100% online treatment team. MiSi Neuropsy is a team that performs both diagnostics and treatment. Before they start, the team of 14 therapists will be trained according to the NiceDay Way. From November 2 onwards, they will start with a […]

EMDR live in NiceDay

From Monday 7 September 2020 it is possible to follow an EMDR treatment with taps via the NiceDay app. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of therapy for people who continue to suffer from the consequences of traumatic experiences. The EMDR functionality with taps can be used during the video calling session […]

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