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New helpdesk for clients

“Support is not always easy to find in the NiceDay app”: that was one of the feedback points we received from app users after they had completed our questionnaire. This had to change, because if clients are looking for (technical) support for the app, they should be able to find it as quickly as possible! That is why a new helpdesk is now available for clients.

If clients have questions or need (technical) support when using the app, they can now contact NiceDay Support directly and via the app. When they click on “Support” within the NiceDay app, clients are given the option to click on a button that takes them to the new helpdesk environment.

The helpdesk opens in their browser, where they can find answers to frequently asked questions, more information about privacy at NiceDay, a manual for the app and, for specific questions, can contact our support team directly.

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