New: drafts in the niceday app

New: drafts in the NiceDay app

Babette is just about to complete a diary registration when she receives an important phone call. After taking the call, she re-opens the NiceDay app and notices her registration is gone. Babette has to start the registration all over again… Luckily, we can now offer a solution for these rare moments: drafts the NiceDay app.

Some registrations are made in no time, but others may take some time; clients may need to recall a particular event, or they may be filling out a thought record. Losing a registration when you are interrupted can be very frustrating.

With drafts, after being interrupted, for example, clients can complete the registration at a later time. Incomplete registrations of the diary, feelings, meeting notes and thought records are automatically saved for 14 days and can be found on the overview page of the tracker. Here clients can see which concepts are still unfinished and when they expire. They can then easily complete the registration.

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