Efficient working in the care performance model with automatic time tracking by NiceDay

Efficient working in the new Care Performance Model with automatic time tracking by Niceday

With the arrival of the new Care Performance Model, all direct time with clients must be registered and declared. As a professional, how do you efficiently keep track of these actions? To make this easier and more efficient, NiceDay professionals can use automatic time tracking for (video) calling sessions.

What is automatic time tracking?

From now on, all direct time declarations must be declared periodically. Direct time consists of all direct contact with a client, such as face-to-face sessions or video calling. What is new is that asynchronous time is also part of this. Think of the time you spend responding to registrations or chatting with your client. These are all actions that you have to keep track of and register for declaration.

With automatic time tracking in NiceDay, we want to ensure that these actions no longer have to be recorded manually. Everything is automatically saved within NiceDay so that the professional only has to check it, print it out and submit it to the health insurer. This is in line with our view that professionals should spend their valuable time on what they love most: treating clients instead of working on administration.

Automatic time tracking for sessions

Automatic session tracking is available free of charge to all new and existing NiceDay customers. By activating a simple switch in the NiceDay portal once, every (video) call session is automatically registered. At the end of the day, the automatically tracked information can be easily checked, downloaded and submitted for declaration. Don’t want to use automatic time registration anymore? Then you can easily turn the switch off again.

Automatic time registration in your organization

Would you also like your professionals to spend less time on administration? Automatic time tracking is disabled by default, but we are happy to enable this functionality for you. Contact the Support Team at [email protected] and your team’s sessions will be automatically tracked soon!

Is your organization not yet using NiceDay, but would you like to know more about the possibilities? Download our white paper, or contact Ina Jones at [email protected]

Further development

Automatic time registration within NiceDay is a big project that we are working on in smaller pieces. With this we want to ensure that actions such as chatting, video calling or responding to registrations no longer need to be tracked manually. Everything is automatically tracked within NiceDay, so the professional only has to check the information, print it out and submit it to the health insurer. Step one is the automatic registration of sessions, but eventually, we work towards a point where the professional has to spend as little valuable time as possible on administration and as much as possible on treatment.

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